“I feel completely useless. I don’t want to have to rely on support from Germany, but would prefer to find a worthwhile job that fulfils me and allows me to feed my family! “So goes the literal translation of remarkable testimony from a 25 year old refugee in Wadersloh.

We must all work together to integrate the new arrivals in our commumity into the workforce. Language difficulties, bureaucratic hurdles, lack of documentation or accredited professional qualifications and complicated procedures, have to be overcome in order to achieve this goal. Our ” Work and Education” work group has a close partnership with the immigration office, Job Centres and the Employment Agency, which enables us to provide the refugees with individual support and advice.

The relationship between mentor and applicant is very important here, permitting a crucial flow of information both ways; what did Monir train as in his home country? What qualifications does Nafze bring with him? Are Syrian qualification documents recognized here? Questions upon questions which our volunteers patiently work through. Only in this way, can progress out of support and social assistance, into self reliance within the social security system and ultimately German citizenship be achieved.