Daily help, transport, material donations

Refugees require support in so many ways, a trip to a specialist doctor in a neighbouring town, the accompaniment to a government appointment, a trip to Dortmund for an interview in their asylum procedure, transporting a child’s bicycle to a family in their new accommodation or just sorting through the many donations already received. Managing refugee support, retaining an overview of material donations and coordinating their distribution, all fall within the scope of the “Daily help, transport and material donations” work group.

As mentors become more accustomed to their tasks and contacts are consolidated, the work group is becoming ever more engaged in their support role.

In the meantime vehicles have been made available to the work group, as has a warehouse for material donations. Our supporters are always ready to help, along with so many in the “Refugee Aid Wadersloh”.

Info to material donations:

Currently, only the following donations are urgently needed:

  • Bicycles
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

For any questions about donations, please contact Günther Petermeier.

Contact persons:

Günther Petermeier


Heinrich Baumeister

Mobile phone:

Heinrich Bücker