Mentor team

The hearts and souls of our “Refugee Aid Wadersloh” are our mentors.

Every refugee accommodation is allocated a volunteer mentor or mentors, depending on the size of the property or the number of refugees accommodated there. Often communicating on the basic level of gestures, the mentors fulfil the role as on-site “carers”,

  • are contact persons for concerns and problems
  • offer advice and help in everyday matters
  • liaise with our specialist working groups and other contacts
  • help with administrative formalities (Immigration Office, Job Centre, Employment Agency)
  • accompany or provide support to specialist services, i.e. doctors’ surgeries
  • give information about developments, e.g. in the asylum procedure and
  • make possible the exchange of information with “Refugee Aid Wadersloh”

whilst throughout, respecting the values of our society.

Our aim is to convey a message of welcome, acceptance and support, and the fastest possible integration of refugees within the guidelines:


“We help people to help themselves!”


“We encourage, but also expect.”

As ever more refugee shelters are located around the town, we have need of further motivated people that are dedicated to this task. A job for you? We will be happy to supply further information and look forward to your active participation!