The volunteer management team “Refugee Aid Wadersloh” comprises:

Margret Massmann for the sub-district of Liesborn with Liesborn-Göttingen
Robert Voss for the sub-district of Wadersloh.
Werner Eckey for the sub-district of Diestedde

The team,

  • is the primary contact for all working groups and sponsors
  • provides organizational and logistical arrangements for all stakeholders
  • communicates with all other participants on refugee issues, such as government agencies, churches, Caritas, Diakonia
  • provides training, promotes expertise and information sharing
  • clarifies issues and problems
  • solicits additional dedicated helpers
  • manages all the office tasks of “Refugee Aid Wadersloh”

As a matter of course, all the tasks are undertaken on behalf of and in close coordination with the municipality of Wadersloh.

We appreciate your suggestions and constructive criticism, but even more, we appreciate your help!