Creating a culture of welcome for refugees in the municipality of Wadersloh.

Wadersloh. Some time ago, a first meeting of the volunteers in refugee support was held in the Town Hall. The interest and the response were overwhelming. The Town Hall subsequently received numerous offers of cooperation and assistance.

Given the wide ranging support, we faced the challenge of how to harness and coordinate the commitment and offers of assistance into a structured program as well as how to determine areas of competence and manage the implementation of an assistance program. We have in the meantime made substantial progress in all areas and brought the “Refugee Aid Wadersloh” into existence.

In order to bring all interested citizens up to date on the current situation and present the program to the community, another information meeting, to which all Wadersloh citizens are invited, will be held on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 18:00 in the Council Chamber of the municipality of Wadersloh.

The municipality of Wadersloh would at this time already like to express its thanks to all volunteers for their great willingness and the diverse volunteer work in refugee support.