Integration Point Wadersloh starts on 26.02.2016 in the Town Hall

The Employment Agency of Ahlen-Münster, with the district of Warendorf have created an “Integration Point” for refugees in the municipality of Wadersloh. It is aimed at people who are most likely to benefit from a positive decision on their application for asylum. In the Integration Point, questions from refugees about education and work are addressed – and this is where all refugee support services are centralized. The aim is to streamline integration into training and work without delay, while the asylum application is being processed. The time window is used, for example, to clarify the accredition of foreign professional qualifications, for language courses or school and vocational training and for entry internships or apprenticeships. Refugees will have the opportunity to consult with Ms. Makaschina of the Employment Agency, Ms. Belz from the Job Centre and representatives of “Refugee Aid Wadersloh” (work and education group) every two weeks, on Fridays from 08:00 to 14:00 at the Integration Point in Wadersloh. Refugees will also receive personal invitations. Among the criteria for their participation in the integration planning is a high level of willingness to integrate, regular attendance to the language courses offered, language competence and education or training qualifications. This should significantly improve the integration of refugees located in Wadersloh into employment.