In the past, sucessive waves of immigration have been left to their own devices in Germany. It has been established that this indifference was unhelpful. Since we know that many of the refugees will settle permanently with us and become our fellow citizens, it is of fundamental importance to inspire them with a feeling of welcome as soon as possible.

The first welcome meetings were well received. Concerns and experiences were exchanged (although often only through gestures) and relationships characterized by mutual helpfulness, have been created and strengthened.

It is now time to go one step further! Opportunities to participate in clubs, associations and groups are being offered to refugees. Community sports, volunteer work assignments, trips to sporting events and concerts or just a date, e.g. cooking together, everything is possible. It just has to be planned, offered and put into action.

The “Integration Offers” work group is coordinating this project, its aims are to prepare and organize integration events, the goal is not always to organize events on a large scale, equally important are the opportunities to meet each other in small groups, to gradually grow the circle of acquaintances and motivate people to participate and share.